I drove all night…

Adam and I both grew up in southern Florida — he in Fort Pierce and me in Fort Myers. After both of us went through partial college years, we eventually settled into independent living in Tampa and Orlando respectively.

After chatting online for a while via IRC (this wasn’t so common at that time), on July 19, 1996, after a long work day, I made the night drive down to Tampa to meet Adam for the first time. So we counted this as our anniversary date, since marriage wouldn’t be legal for a long time yet.

For nine months we drove back and forth to each other every weekend we could, until eventually we moved in together in a suburb of Orlando. This song (and this rendition specifically) always reminds me of those first months together, when life seemed so open to possibility.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y1TZXc5DiY]

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