Why did you get your wish?

God, where do I begin? I guess that would be as far back as the SWCU days (that’s Star Wars Collector Union). That is where Adam, and I… became friends. Damn near 20 year friends…
Quite frankly… there will never be another Adam. He, and I regularly would bash one another all in good fun and love we had for each other. It was a love/hate relationship- but filled w much more love than any hate.

We spent sometime together from C2 Indy to him staying at my house to him and I going to LF together when he amazingly won that trip from Target. I will never forget the Sunday he called to tell me, and then tell me I was the one that was going with him. THAT was Adam.

We shared drunken antics- to me picking him up in Boston after the Sox had won the WS and the city was in full throttle madness to him (a stout vegetarian) bring me to the most delicious BBQ ever at Daddy D’z and watching me stuff my face full of meat. Adam thought Bostonians were true mental cases  after that Red Sox thing btw- from then on I think.

After Adam got tired of running Trade Federation I took over the web part. I often fed him news from my Hasbro connections which he then went on to share via Galactic Hunter. Of course he grilled me to no end to make sure my info was solid as he was NOT going to look stupid as he put it.

I remember the health issues over the years and always checked on him to see how he was. And he did the same for me and my wife when she had a heart attack. The last couple of years we lost touch. I remember calling and just getting his voicemail. But that never made me angry- just a little sad as I was worried he was getting sicker…

I miss him beyond words. Beyond tears I have cried. Beyond the sick emotions I get thinking still he’s gone. He was a person like no other. I love and miss him dearly. I can’t stand that I can never, ever again hear his voice or one of his quick insults. God I miss you Adam.

You will always be a part of me… We shared a lot… I love you Adam May xx

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