RIP Adam


It must be about 10-15 years since I last spoke to Adam, bu he was one of those people who leave a lasting impression.   We spent many years chatting online via email lists and of course IRC.  I was lucky enough to meet him on one of my USA trips (to see Morrissey of course)….

Sleep well with the angels Adam……  and thanks for all the laughter!


I drove all night…

Adam and I both grew up in southern Florida — he in Fort Pierce and me in Fort Myers. After both of us went through partial college years, we eventually settled into independent living in Tampa and Orlando respectively.

After chatting online for a while via IRC (this wasn’t so common at that time), on July 19, 1996, after a long work day, I made the night drive down to Tampa to meet Adam for the first time. So we counted this as our anniversary date, since marriage wouldn’t be legal for a long time yet.

For nine months we drove back and forth to each other every weekend we could, until eventually we moved in together in a suburb of Orlando. This song (and this rendition specifically) always reminds me of those first months together, when life seemed so open to possibility.


Why did you get your wish?

God, where do I begin? I guess that would be as far back as the SWCU days (that’s Star Wars Collector Union). That is where Adam, and I… became friends. Damn near 20 year friends…
Quite frankly… there will never be another Adam. He, and I regularly would bash one another all in good fun and love we had for each other. It was a love/hate relationship- but filled w much more love than any hate.

We spent sometime together from C2 Indy to him staying at my house to him and I going to LF together when he amazingly won that trip from Target. I will never forget the Sunday he called to tell me, and then tell me I was the one that was going with him. THAT was Adam.

We shared drunken antics- to me picking him up in Boston after the Sox had won the WS and the city was in full throttle madness to him (a stout vegetarian) bring me to the most delicious BBQ ever at Daddy D’z and watching me stuff my face full of meat. Adam thought Bostonians were true mental cases  after that Red Sox thing btw- from then on I think.

After Adam got tired of running Trade Federation I took over the web part. I often fed him news from my Hasbro connections which he then went on to share via Galactic Hunter. Of course he grilled me to no end to make sure my info was solid as he was NOT going to look stupid as he put it.

I remember the health issues over the years and always checked on him to see how he was. And he did the same for me and my wife when she had a heart attack. The last couple of years we lost touch. I remember calling and just getting his voicemail. But that never made me angry- just a little sad as I was worried he was getting sicker…

I miss him beyond words. Beyond tears I have cried. Beyond the sick emotions I get thinking still he’s gone. He was a person like no other. I love and miss him dearly. I can’t stand that I can never, ever again hear his voice or one of his quick insults. God I miss you Adam.

You will always be a part of me… We shared a lot… I love you Adam May xx

A great guy, he’ll be missed

I met Adam, in the last part of the 20th century…either end of 1998 or early 1999, before The Phantom Menace came out. In the olden days he was all caps “ADAM” when I wrote or mentioned him, I don’t remember why. It was on some Star Wars forum I was on looking for things to fill my collection, I don’t remember which site. He connected a lot of us Star Wars Collectors together from around the world. We would wheel and deal and help everyone to fill holes in their collections. I was always a “carded” collector, because “If I would have kept my childhood toys carded and boxed I’d be rich!” Adam always kept telling me to open and enjoy them, they are toys meant to be displayed.  I actually met him face to face at the Star Wars Celebration in Indianapolis  in 2002. He organized a Star Wars Collector’s Union get together. I got to meet not only ADAM but Todd and a lot of folks I only knew from online and through the mail. Adam had some door prizes and I happened to win the silver Toy Fair Vader, one of the hottest figures at the time, going for hundreds of dollars at one point. I had one already in a plastic case to keep it MOC. I told him I would open this one. I did. People said I was crazy. I was starting to open my figures at that point because of ADAM’s “peer pressure”. He totally changed my outlook on the hobby and the enjoyment I get from it.
Hearing about Adam’s passing got me thinking about how many people I know and still talk to today because of him. (Some we have also lost recently, Szabo and Brad Kulp.) I haven’t spoken to ADAM in a while but remember he used to make funny comments on some of my drunken Facebook posts. ADAM had a big heart and I’m thankful he created our little worldwide Star Wars Family, and we’re all the better for crossing his path.
May the Force Be With You, Stormy Sevenspire…..